Tourzy is a Kuwait-based startup backed up by K Ventures fund. K Ventures is a management consultancy exclusively working with early-stage tech startups across the West Coast USA, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.

⚡ Challenge

The project involved the full-cycle platform development, starting from deep business analysis and product management workshops. It is always a challenge to handle such a wide range of activities within one team. The contractor which K Ventures was working with initially, unfortunately, didn't manage to deliver an expected result. After this negative experience, it hasn't been easy for the client to put trust in another partner.

Nevertheless, thanks to having a similar vision of the processes, communication, and product development approach, the Wild Web Art team managed to get a chance to collaborate with the K Ventures on the Tourzy app.

✨ Solution

The Wild Web Art team developed Tourzy as a platform that connects tourists with local individual tour guides who provide them with a unique travel experience.

We started with setting up and looking for common ground. Here at Wild Web Art, we understand that communication is everything. This is why we always start a collaboration with a kick-off product discovery workshop. It was the first meeting of our team and Tourzy product owner.

One of the first major tasks for the designers and business analysts team was to conduct deep competitors' research and create the user flow based on received insights. After we approve it along with the wireframes, the stage of UI design began.

The web app was developed using a reliable Laravel framework for the backend and Vue.js, HTML5 & CSS3 for the frontend.

As it happened, the project peaked in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite all the substantial challenges and difficulties, we managed to complete the project successfully thanks to transparent communication among all stakeholders.
App Category
6 month (2019-2020)
K Ventures

Key Features

  • Advanced tour search that helps to pick up the most relevant experience.
  • Easy and friendly to create your own tour: tour creation is designed as a step-by-step process that future hosts can finish at any time from the step where they left it.
  • Tour guide's dashboard allows them to manage bookings & financials inside the platform
  • Booking flow using Stripe gateway to collect the payments.
  • Smart and modern solution for tour activation flow, that includes QR-code scanning similar to widely used tickets system.
  • Friendly admin panel that allows a Tourzy administrator to supervise and moderate users, created tours, and get useful statistics within the platform.


Serge Lavrinchuck
Chief Executive Officer
Vladislav Korchinsky
Chief Delivery Officer

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