KRONOS is a US-based innovative analytical and artificial intelligence startup. The company offers a comprehensive approach in the field of financial analytics for money, cryptocurrency, and equity markets, combining talent, science, and innovation.

⚡ Challenge

Using their expertise in the field of financial analytics, the KRONOS team came up with the idea of building an innovative smart dashboard for the cryptocurrency portfolio.

The startup had a need for a dedicated team with fintech expertise to build a product from scratch. After careful consideration, they chose the Wild Web Art for this task.

✨ Solution

Before the Wild Web Art team sat down to begin the design, they spent a lot of time getting to understand the business objectives and the target audience. Product Vision Workshops allowed the team to identify the key features on which then was built the UX and UI, as well as a strategy for obtaining feedback from users.

The goal for the engineering team was challenging as they were supposed to integrate more than 8 external APIs to collect & analyze required data. It includes not only real-time data about the market (price history for more than 100 coins, market capitalization) but also the user's transaction history from integrated exchanges.

Also, in cooperation with the KRONOS analytical team, it was developed an AI-based algorithm that evaluates the user's portfolio in terms of profitability and risks compared to the market.

Our product development team finally launched an intelligent solution, that provides users with the possibility to track how their portfolios perform from all their exchanges & wallets; to get the evaluation of their trading strategy from an AI-based expert; to see all their portfolio blind spots, get automated personalized improvement advice and to be up to date with market trends, choose coins or portfolio based on expert & robotic-analysis.
App Category
6 month (2018)
Fintech (Crypto)

Key Features

1. Create and monitor multiple portfolios at the same time. Track portfolio balance and profit across all exchanges and wallets (integration via API).
2. Check out detailed risk and profitability breakdown indicators such as volatility and expected profitability. The app makes it possible by analyzing your trading history.
3. Get an expert assessment of your portfolio score which is provided by a built-in expert advisor module.
4. Get automated personalized improvement advice. AI-based algorithms suggest you how to structure and rebalance your portfolios.
5. Get robust information on every coin, important news, and alerts. We parse it all over the cryptocurrency sources and provide a consistent mathematical analysis of coin risks.
✨ Key Results
More than 250 beta users joined in 2 months
5 exchanges and wallets integrated via API
2 663 rows of coin prices are collected everyday to be analyzed
Was Presented on a roadshow in the US, UAE, Cyprus, China and other countries


Serge Lavrinchuck
Chief Executive Officer
Vladislav Korchinsky
Chief Delivery Officer

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