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eRenovate is a home-grown Canadian company, founded by homeowners who've experienced real 'renovation let-downs'. For that very reason, they're thrilled to provide Peace of Mind with the eRenovate Guarantee. Their sole mission is to be an acting force of good in the renovation and home improvement industry.

Based in Toronto, eRenovate is currently serving Southern Ontario and growing to a number of Canadian cities from coast to coast in 2019.

⚡ Challenge

eRenovate had a task to find the team that was able to deliver the first version of the product within 4 months to present it on Toronto Home Shows, one of the biggest industry events in Canada.

Previously, the Wild Web Art team helped eRenovate with the design and front-end development of the initial version of the platform, so the company decided to outsource the whole new web product development to the proved partner.

Our team had to start immediately to fit the deadlines. Started with building quite a complex user flow of the app, we understood that launching the product in 4 months would be a really challenging task.

✨ Solution

The major goal for the project was to create a brand new application that was fully integrated with the previous platform. That's why the first task for our engineering team was to research the backend code and database architecture of the existing platform.

Our team has delivered the platform within the discussed deadlines applying a modern single-page-application approach using Vue.js frontend technologies. It was also required to have a more native mobile user experience. For the eRenovate Guarantee app, we used a mobile-first approach.

As the project implied the possibility of quick changes and updates our management team opted for the agile Scrum approach with weekly sprints and demos. Each development iteration was followed by a thorough discussion in order to perfect all the product features.

Understanding that our client was going to have a lot of demos and pitches with early adopters and partners, we have provided enhanced post-project support. Our management and tech team were available more than full-time 7 days a week during this peak period in order to deliver a quick reaction to any request.

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App Category
  • Core Platform (design + frontend) - 2 months + supporting (since 2015)
  • Guarantee App (full-stack dev) - 3,5 months + supporting
Real Estate
eRenovate Inc.

Key Features

1. Post a project module (describe the project by providing a brief overview and uploading photos).
2. Two separate personal areas for Contractors and Homeowners.
3. Matching module. Matches projects to appropriate Verified Pros.
4. Leads module. Provides contractors with a dashboard that helps to communicate with incoming leads.
5. Real-time messaging within the platform, system notifications.
6. Project scope builder. Core functionality. Allows users to create projects which may include milestones, budget, deadlines, list of materials, attachments, etc.
7. PayPal integration. MailChimp integration for transaction letters.
8. Invoicing module. Allows contractors are able to issue invoices.
9. Ticket System. Allow to report issues regarding users' projects and to resolve them together with their contractors and Erenovate support via group chat.
1. MVP got ready in 2 months.
2. The full Guarantee platform developed and released
in 3,5 months total.
3. The platform was successfully presented on the biggest National Home Show in Toronto, Canada in March 2019.
4. More than 6500 users by May 2019.
✨ Key Results
- Project Manager
- UX\UI Designer
- Technical Lead
- Frontend Developer
- Backend Developer
- QA Engineer
⚔ Wild Web Art Team


Serge Lavrinchuck
Chief Executive Officer
Vladislav Korchinsky
Chief Delivery Officer

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