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EXMO is a British cryptocurrency exchange. The platform was established in 2014 and is constantly expanding its functionality, adding new assets to the listing, and, most importantly, increasing the number of customers. More than six years of operation without data leaks and hacks, flexible commissions, and fast technical support. EXMO exchange is registered in London, with offices in London, Moscow, and Kyiv, and employs a project team of 150+ people.

⚡ Challenge

As far as EXMO had their internal development teams busy with the company's core products, they decided to hire a dedicated team to create their brand new product – Voting Platform. There was a need to have a web app that would allow voting for the next project to be listed on the EXMO exchange.

The lead product manager of this project on the client's side put trust in the Wild Web Art team to handle the development.

✨ Solution

The major goal was to create the product with the ability to conduct multiple rounds of voting with a user-friendly management system.

The users can vote using Retweets, Facebook Shares, or by sending cryptocurrency to the provided wallet. To calculate the votes automatically we had to integrate several APIs: Twitter API for counting Retweets, Facebook API to count Shares, and Etherscan API to calculate the number of coins was sent by the users. Actually, it was the most challenging part due to the subtleties of each platform.

To sum up, the Wild Web Art team launched the product in 2 months with a fully-working voting system and friendly admin panel that allows EXMO to manage the coins, voting rounds, and other settings. Justin Sun, the founder of the cryptocurrency platform TRON and current CEO of BitTorrent, personally took part in the first voting round on the platform.
Voting Patform
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2 months (2020)

Key Features

  • Friendly admin panel that allows to manage the coins, voting rounds, and other settings.
  • Ability to schedule start and end date for voting round.
  • Automatic vote-counting through integrations with:
    • Facebook API (shares of URL),
    • Twitter API (retweets),
    • Etherscan API (crypto transactions tracking).
  • Multilingual app.
  • QR code generator.


Serge Lavrinchuck
Chief Executive Officer
Vladislav Korchinsky
Chief Delivery Officer

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