Wild Web Art Continues Excellent Web & App Dev Service, Receives New Review from Clutch

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Web applications are getting more and more popular today, but not a lot of businesses realize their potential. The general assumption is that an application is something that you download on your mobile device, but web applications are different

To give you a bit of a rundown, web applications are programs that users can use through their browsers. You can access these applications anytime and anywhere given you have an internet connection. From a business standpoint, these apps provide great marketing opportunities. Their flexibility allows users to access them using different types of devices. 

These are handy tools that you should start using for your business today. The only problem is, how do you make these apps? Finding a skilled and experienced developer is something that you should strongly consider before investing in such foreign technology for your business. Choosing the best developer for the job is crucial! This decision will literally make or break your business.

That’s why we are here to help you! Our company has been providing quality digital products and solutions for five years now. Our main value is being a reliable technical partner for you, our client! 

Here is a great review from our profile on a trusted B2B ratings and reviews platform, Clutch, about our most recent project:

We recently finished a collaboration with a corporate expense management platform to create its web and app product. Our main goal was to create a web dashboard product using PHP and an MVP of their mobile application for iOS. Our team was able to deliver digital products despite the ambitious timeline from the client. 

“They were good with communication, flexible when needed, and showed a degree of customer service that is rare for offshore development teams.” Cian O’Down, COO at Klear Card

Our team is always happy to receive these amazing reviews from our partners! We appreciate the time they took to write these kind words about their experience working with us. 

We are also listed as one of the top 90 user experience (UX) agencies in Kyiv in The Manifest! They are Clutch’s sister company and they are a listings website for the industry’s top agencies and companies. Their platform showcases business experts and leaders all over the world. 

If you are serious about upgrading your business today, then please give us a call! We can guarantee you that we will treat every project as if it is our own product!

Serge Lavrinchuck
Chief Executive Officer
Vladislav Korchinsky
Chief Delivery Officer

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