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TSI Analytics Group is an international analytical company specialized in developing and advising modern trading solutions on financial markets.

TSI became a lead cryptocurrency educational company in the East Europe region with an audience of over 35k users.

⚡ Challenge

In 2015, in times of rapid cryptocurrency market growth, the company's strategy was to adapt its financial market expertise to the new growing trend.

The main task for the Wild Web Art team was to develop a single platform where students can take courses, get the latest analytical signals, and be up to date with market trends and news.

✨ Solution

First of all, the Wild Web Art team conducted a deep business analysis to receive all the requirements. We held several meetings discussing the goals that we needed to achieve, our potential client's portrait, the supposed structure of the future web app, building an action plan together, and coordinating our deadlines and budgets.

Our main goal during the project was to create an environment where we would be able to provide both automated (through video recorded courses and tests) and personalized education on financial (and later - crypto) markets; establish teacher-to-student communication channels via internal chat and homework module; provide our users with up-to-date financial news, market quotes, analytical summaries, and reviews.

After the user flow and prototypes have been prepared and the design phase has been launched, we worked together with the client on each page. Then the development phase was initiated and the platform was successfully launched within 6 months.
Educational Platfrom
App Category
6 month (2016)
EdTech (Finance)
TSI Analytics Group

Key Features

1. Educational Module (lessons, practical tasks, tests, chat with lecturer) built from scratch.
2. Integration with payment system (recurring payments).
3. Integration with CRM & Email marketing system.
4. Analytical Module (text & video-based analytical recommendations splited by coins, integration with news and quotes providers).
5. Automated Trading Advice (developed based on quotes database and mathematical algorithms).
6. Administration Panel (managing of users, lessons, analytics etc).
7. Multilingual Interface (7 languages).
✨ Key Results
4,000 active users of the platform by 2019
10+ B2B clients (white-labeled)
Product got ready in 6 months
Users from more than 10 different countries


Serge Lavrinchuck
Chief Executive Officer
Vladislav Korchinsky
Chief Delivery Officer

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